Biography of H.G. Barnes

H.G. grew up in a tiny community just a stone’s throw away from the Atlantic Ocean. Since the age of ten, he would weave colorful stories revolving around his daily adventures. He graduated in Broadcasting before continuing his exciting studies at the school of life. A multitude of personal life experiences enriched his writing and heightened his ability to form captivating stories and witty characters. He has done everything from traveling, voicing radio and TV commercials, broadcasting, drive a taxi cab, bartending, sold vacuum cleaners, counselling those with depression and battling addiction, teach English as a second language, fund raising and organizing community events, manage retail stores, fish on open waters, print magazines and even work as a Postal Employee.

He has been nominated for a CLIO award and selected for a TCK publishing award in the Fantasy/Romance genre. H.G. is also known for his wonderful sense of humor and being able to perform a multitude of accents and impersonations.

His background gives his characters a refreshing depth of intelligence and wit, as they come alive in the rich fabric of his universe. All his books were inspired by life experiences, travel, interest in comedy, science fiction, alternative science and a love for cooking. All those and a profound spiritual connection with God, the universe and mother nature make up the heart of each novel with the hope that some knowledge can be passed along to the reader as a way of spiritual caregiving.

“My heart and soul truly go into my stories and these characters. I would love any feedback you’re willing share. Thank you for taking the time to read and I pray they put you in a wonderful place.” ~H.G. Barnes~

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