Biography of H.G. Barnes

All his books were born from the idea of bringing out a more spiritual way of telling stories. Often centered around a love story theme, people will find H.G.’s love of alternative science, comedy, science fiction, food and travel, along with his deep spiritual connection with God, the Universe and mother nature. His goal is to give the reader a warm feeling while imparting a few pieces of real world usable advice at the same time.

H.G. was raised in a tiny community just moments away from the Atlantic Ocean where he would often come up with stories to go along with his adventures starting at the age of ten. He studied broadcasting in high school then moved on to continue this in college. Never really finding his niche in life turned out for the best in enriching his writing. He’s done everything from drive a taxi, sell vacuum cleaners, counsel those with addictions and depression, voice over radio commercials, teach English as a second language, tend bar, fund raise and organize community events, manage retail stores selling electronics and ladies fashion, fish on open water, print magazines and even work as a part-time postal employee.

He’s been nominated for a CLIO award for his humorous radio commercials along with being selected for a TCK Publishing prize in the Fantasy/Romance category. H.G. is also well known for being able to perform many accents and his wonderful sense of humor. All these and other attributes come into play within his writing and are shared among his characters.

“My heart truly goes into my books and I would love any feedback you’re willing to provide. Thank you for taking the time to read and I pray they put you in a wonderful place.” ~H.G. Barnes~

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