The Mystical Locket of Ullapool

Heather’s rigid paradigm is about to be turned upside down when she embarks on a quest to fulfill a death bed promise to her beloved grandmother.

The beautiful young woman has many traits. She’s bullheaded from competing with two older brothers, a detailed planner like her organized mother, and no nonsense like her engineering father. Moreover, Heather has the tenacity and razor-sharp mind of her grandmother coupled with the never ending curiosity of a researcher.

Armed with these, and a trusted antithetical mind to back up her decisions, she sets out with confidence. Heather has no idea what’s in-store for her, yet is soon to find out that the journey she will make is far different than the one she had set out on.

Roaming further into a realm steeped in mysterious forbidden history our intrepid researcher’s resolve is faced with an almost unsolvable dilemma. When at the point of abandoning her quest to reunite the two halves of the Mystical Locket the once determined adventurer is guided by a most unusual eternal power. This awesome power is shocking enough, but what Heather’s about to uncover is much more rattling… she is the story!

Please join me on a guided tour of a reoccurring dream I had several years ago that’s filled with fun, humor, love, and mystical spirits. Then let me show you something which rests dormant within us all.


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